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Decoding Differences| A Guide to Autism Symptoms

Imagine a world where social cues are cryptic messages, noises are overwhelming blasts, and routines provide a comforting anchor. This is the reality for many individuals with autism. Autism, sometimes referred to as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a complex developmental condition affecting how people perceive and interact with the world. We will delve into the spectrum of autism symptoms, exploring their variations across different age groups and severity levels.  Early signs: Autism symptoms in toddlers The first 24 months of life are crucial for recognizing early signs of autism . While development varies, certain red flags might indicate a need for further evaluation. Here's what to watch for: Social interaction: avoidance of eye contact, persistent preference for solitude, difficulty understanding other people’s feelings. A lack of interest in interacting with others can be an early indicator. Communication delays: delayed speech milestones or unusual speech p